The languages are learned at home

Experts say that we can learn a language from home following a few simple steps.

As the summer progresses come lots of good intentions for the start of the new year. One of the most recurrent is the learn a new language, whether to start the academic year with force or to improve our CV, in which we can fall into the temptation to disguise the truth about our real language level.


According to experts in learning, it is very important to travel to come into contact with the culture and language natively. However, this is not without prejudice to the possibility of learning to speak a language at any place and at any time of our life, following a few simple tips.

  • The first step to take is to forget grammar exercises. What is intended to start to speak a language is to get hold a real conversation, we want to communicate. The grammar will flow “single” once we take back the language.
  • Replace the novel that we are reading on the other that is in the language that we want to dominate. In the case of being still in the initial stages of learning, you can resort to very simple books that can be found in specialist bookshops or large surfaces.
  • Watch all movies and series favorite in the original languages, helping wherever needed subtitles.This type of exercise is very full since, while you learn new vocabulary, we do also some other grammar exercise.
  • The songs of the summer and international artists will become a perfect ally. The holidays can be leveraged to translate them and learn the pronunciation of some less common words and which are more likely to appear in poetic texts.
  • Finally, as we have said previously, travel. It’s a great habit to get out of our comfort zone, overcome fears and limitations, talking to the locals. In addition, knowing the culture of a country can become a fundamental task to master their language.